Microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi are part of our lives. Many of them can be beneficial or even essential for our health and for the sustainability of ecosystems.

Microbiology applied in agriculture

Microbiologia en la agricultura

In the agriculture area, microbiology can bring a solution for the control of diseases and the control of productivity through the use of fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides, derived from microorganisms.

We offer soil diagnostic services by performing chemical but also microbiological analyses. Therefore, using innovative molecular biology tools, such as microbiome assays, we are able to identify, qualitatively and quantitatively, the microorganisms present in your soils. We also offer a large collection of phytopathogens for antifungal and antibacterial tests.

Microbiology applied to industry

Some bacteria and fungi are able to produce compounds and metabolites with a high added value, such as antibiotics, value added enzymes, omega 3 fatty acids, etc. These microbial properties are widely used and operated in the industry (pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and cosmetics). Contact us if you are interested in developing the potential of your microorganism(s).

Other applications of microbiology

Currently, thanks to recent scientific advances, many adapted or engineered microorganisms are able to produce substances that they could not synthesize naturally: fatty alcohols, polymers, synthetic enzymes, special oils, etc ... We can help you to “create” your own microorganism.

Thanks to the ability to metabolize some compounds considered toxic for humans (toluene, benzene, naphthalene, etc.), many bacterial strains are used in bioremediation. We will help you with the development of your own decontamination system, from the laboratory to the treatment station.

Otras aplicaciones de la microbiologia

Some microorganisms are also able to use waste (spoiled fruits, bagasse, garbage, industrial residues, etc.) as nutrients. Such property promotes the recycling of food residues or industrial wastes for new uses. If your waste accumulates and you are interested in recycling it, contact us.

The use of microorganisms in the biotechnology area leads to a wide range of applications with many advantages in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

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